Thank you for the midi Jim.

Hi, well, my name is Shae and I have the honor of welcoming you to our pages.  They were set up to allow all of us to dabble in our own creativity, letting you get to know a little bit about us, while hopefully passing on a little information.

I keep saying "we" and "our" because although we share the same body, all of us are very unique women, with different ideas, values, and personalities.  You see we were diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociation Identity Disorder approximately 5 yrs ago.  This means, because of severe abuse at a young age, we have 'split' into several different people, each having their own roles to perform, each 'created' to cope with various situations that we were forced to be in.  That is the simplest definition I could come  up with, it is actually much more complicated, and every system has their own methods of dealing with their own circumstances.

Many people believe that people who are MPD, are just faking it to seek attention.  To those I always ask, why?  Why would anyone voluntarily wish to lose time, suffer flashbacks, emotional distress, severe headaches, guilt, and all the other  things that come with MPD?  As a matter of fact, many of those who suffer from MPD refuse to believe it, we would much rather be diagnosed with some other mental disease, something familiar and easily cured, something more easily accepted than MPD. Many feel like burdens on their loved ones, and like they never will fully fit into 'society'.

As you will see, each of us have our own different likes/dislikes, quirks, and roles.  Some of us feel love, others pain.  Heck, one of us even likcs peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, she knows who she is, while the rest of us think that they are disgusting.  And as I said above this site is to allow us all to show the 'world' just who we are.  We all hope you enjoy these pages and the links we have provided.