The "We" in "Me"
This page is for all of us. 

The Shadow of a Rose
My bitter heart crumbled upon the frigid earth.
An eternity of painful labor grind into dirt.
But from the filth of my broken life blooms a single rose.
And out of each delicate petal the eerie beauty of my soul glows.

The smell of fresh Spring soil penetrates the air.
All around my budding bloom sweet scents of joy linger here.
Although the thorns jutting out of my fragile stalk curse threats upon the world.
Beneath the callous surface Iím just a frail lonely girl.
Out of the filth of a haunted past beauty breaks hard ground.
Where the dense feelings of hatred lives love is also found.
Eyes that only see darkness are immune to object bright.
But unless you can see the chilling shadows youíll never see the light. 


Shaina Wright